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Thanks for visiting my 'Ukulele site.
So what will you find here? The short answer, ‘Ukulele stuff.
This site was created to promote my TV show, the ‘Uke Builders Workshop. The show, however, is currently taking a rest. I will keep you posted on when it returns. 
One of the reasons to temporarily retire the show was to free up more time to actually build ‘Ukulele, and ‘ukulele parts. Hand crafted 'ukulele and ukulele parts are available for purchase in the store.

The plan is to also make "How-To" videos for building ‘ukulele. The first will be a video on making a basic ‘ukulele from a kit. Later, I will add videos on preparing ‘ukulele components and finally on embellishments such as binding, inlay, etc.

As I find useful links to other sites, these links will be added to the links page.

If you have suggestions on ways to improve the site and things to add, let me know.
Mahalo, Doug